Leader Club

TRAMPS is a recognized Leader Club by AMA. This means we have chosen to take an active role in promotion of the hobby to the public and work to teach RC flying to those interested in this hobby. As you can see in the picture to the right, flight training is an important part of our clubs mission.

New (prospective) pilots can simply click the "Contact Us" link within our website and request information of our field and let us know your interest in flying. A club member will be in contact with you to schedule a time for you and one of our instructors to meet at a field for your first training flight. IT'S THAT EASY!!!

Club Rules

All components of the AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code are to be followed while flying at our fields.

All club members pilots must be a current AMA member and club member.

Fuel and start engines at start-up spots on the North and South ends of the in-field.

All aircraft must take off from the runways. Rotary wing devices may also launch from runway directly adjacent to the flight line.

Rotary wing devices are defined as any model which uses a rotating airfoil or airfoils to provide lift and is capable of vertical flight from a stationary start.

All pilots will position themselves on the flight line while the model he/she is piloting is in flight. The designated flight line is just behind the fence adjacent to the runways. All pilots shall have a spotter accompanying the pilot during the flight.

Persons not actively flying, preparing a model for flight, or recovering a model will only be on the flight line at the invitation of the pilot. That pilot will be responsible for the safety and conduct of the flight line visitors.

All engine testing and break-in must be performed in the pit areas.

All low level flying shall not be performed in an area that can cause interference with the safe operation of other models and shall be performed at a safe distance from the other active pilots and spectators.

Lithium polymer batteries will be placed in a "burn bag", sand bucket, or other appropriate fire containment device while being charged. Please charge batteries at designated charging stations.

All 3D and Aerobatic flight maneuvers must be performed West of the grass runway.

Pilots shall make appropriate announcements when taking off, landing, being "on the runway", or in emergency situations.

All three field have posted rules specific to that field and a diagram of the 'fly zone" and the "no fly zone". Read these field rules before engaging in flight.

Remember be safe and have fun!!!


Club Trainer


President: Jeff Andrews

Vice President: Charley Farley

Secretary: David Cole

Treasurer: Gaines Smith

Field Marshal: Tony Moffett